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  • I forgot my username and/or password. Is my email address my username?

    Visit the forgot password page and enter your email address. You will receive an email containing your username and a link to reset your password if needed.

    You create your username during the signup process. Your email address is only used for communication purposes.

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    I purchased the course, and my card was declined, yet it shows that a transaction was made on my bank statement.

    Sometimes declined purchase attempts may show as a pending transaction on your credit card statement awaiting approval. As the purchase attempts have already been declined, they will not receive an approval and your bank will release the funds back to you in a couple of days. If you require the funds sooner, you will need to contact your bank and request they release the funds back to you.

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    Misspelled name on certificate.

    As a safety measure to prevent fraud once the certificate gets issued, the student no longer has the ability to change the name on the certificate. If there is a mistake on the name on your certificate you will need to submit a support ticket with your request along with an explanation. If your request is approved, our support staff will notify you via support ticket. Once the name has been updated your previous certificate will be voided and you will be required to print the new certificate. 

    This issue may require assistance from our support staff. Please sign into your account or call us at (903) 893-3717.

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    I need the login information for my employee.

    Keeping student/client account information safe is our top priority and therefore there are safety measures we take before your information is released over the phone. When someone calls requesting account information, they must have the student's name, email address, and the phone number or physical address to verify account.

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    I was kicked out of the course and now it's asking me to repurchase.

    There is only one reasons why you could have been kicked out of the course.

    Failing the knowledge check:
    A student can only fail the knowledge checks a maximum of 3 times per module. You will have to repurchase the course in order to continue.

    This issue may require assistance from our support staff. Please sign into your account or call us at (903) 893-3717.

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